A virtual world


I play poker on the web, you know

And on face book I play too

Meeting virtual people over there

Gives me joy and things to do


But there's more going on out there

People step in another's life

Behaving like they do in real

And act like others man or wife


You can't play with him or her

You are with me you know

And slowly the virtual life gets real

And becomes a whacky show


Issues coming on and off

Gossips often started

All sneaky tricks are done and feared

And no one is open hearted


You must even choose a side

Or ignoring becomes your part

Ohh, games are played in this virtual world

But more with mind and hart


I can't be hurt by any of them

Loosing some will be a shame

But I will go on as usual

And always be the same


The weaker gets eaten by the stronger

Its a freaking jungle out there

Don't even try approaching my real life

One click, you're gone..... don't care.







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