I like to think of me I'm a good guy

Never judges about another

Have my thoughts, but keep them in

Never want to be a bother


Now I'm loosing friendships

My own choice to want to disappear

Respecting again their friendships

In which I don't want to interfere


Know one or two who will be sorry

For them I feel so sad

I am grateful for the shared times

And all the fun we had


Not clear to me how this could happen

Virtual world got mixed with real

Some people obviously don't see the difference

And their opinion is the biggest deal


So I say goodbye to them abroad

And wish you luck in life and game

To bad that some people fail to think straight

And spoil for others, such a shame


Play well, win big and keep respect

I will drop by and call you hun

Make friends, be mates, and poker fans

But above all, have fun






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