I like rain and sunshine
Not that I am a wishy washy guy
But together they make rainbows
Your wink to us from out of the sky

I look anxiously up to heaven
As soon as I see water and light
The smile from heaven will appear
And relieves my pain and fight

Even if it starts pouring
Heavenly tears touching my head
I'll find you in the rainbow
And the "I love you" has been said

Don't we all have our little fantasy?
That relieves our biggest pain
For me it is the rainbow
So we can meet again

It's raining in our hearts
So deeply hurt by your depart
But because of that wonderful rainbow
You are lightening up my heart

And when the missing is too overwhelming
And outside it is grey and dry
Your light shines from out of my heart
And the rainbow is made, by the tears I cry.








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