The mighty eagle spread his wings
And starts his emotional flight
Higher and higher he climbs te air
And gets out of human sight

He's looking for an angel
The mother of his little girl
He carries a wonderfull message with him
So he climbs, turns and twirl

Finally he found the angel
And let his tears run free
Some great news I bring you here, my love
Our little one grew up, you see.

She is gonna get married
Our little one is now little no more
My job of raising her is now over
I have to close that door

I gave it all my heart and effort
To get her ready for this life
Think I did not bad without you, my love
She'll be a great woman and wife

I feel so happy and so sad
It hurts so much you can't he there
But I'm sure you'll keep an eye on her
And take care of her anywhere

The angel hugged the eagle
And dried his tears away
I'll watch over our little girl
Forever, as I did until today

Go back down now, sweetheart
Enjoy her being in your life
Be happy with the ones you love
Your family and your wife

The eagle flew back to earth
And went through his memory lane
Enough to smile at in his past
But also the lost and pain

Now I'm looking up to the sky
And feel you touching my aching heart
Your body and mind may not be with us
But our spirits never, never part.





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